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About Us

Team briefCASED

briefCASED is a digital platform for every mind that intrigues legal proficiency.

Our website is a pioneer in the legal field as we provide a huge database of judgement briefs to all our users. Our briefs are reliable as each and every brief is scrutinized by legal experts and only the best information is provided to the users.  The case briefs are kept precise with the essence of the judgements intact and accordingly, ‘Learning Made Efficient’ is our motto.

The founders came up with the idea of briefCASED after witnessing the void of Case briefs in the digital platform. The founders believe that these briefs can not only save time of our users but will also create a hunger to learn more as these briefs are easily accessible and extremely easy to understand.

Why briefCASED?

As judgements form a major part of the law it is of utmost importance that as a member of the legal fraternity we are aware of the essence of those judgements that gives us our rights and acquaint us with our duties. briefCASED aims to provide that very essence to everyone interested by providing summarized judgements  that are precise, easy to understand and are 100% reliable, thus,  making your work easier and efficient.

Whether you are an academician, a student, a professional or simply interested in knowing the legalities that you usually find yourself in, using our briefs can make your work so much easier and can save your precious time.

What We Offer?

Our team works day and night to provide our users with an enormous database of case briefs. The users can also request a brief of any judgement they require which will be catered to within 24 hours.

Our Honorary Advisory Board

Mr. Sanjay K. Chadha

ADVOCATE, SUPREME COURT Managing partner at BSK legal

He is the founding partner of BSK Legal. He is a legal luminary with more than 25 years of experience in the field of law. A huge contributor to the news and print media and a familiar face to all of us.

Mr. Jayant Bhatt

Independent Lawyer based out of New Delhi, India.

He holds dual Masters of Law (LL.M.)from New York University, USA & National University of Singapore and is a member of the prestigious Supreme Court Bar Association and Delhi High Court Bar Association.

Mr. Abhinav Kumar

Law and policy expert, Part of faculty of law, University of delhi

He is currently a part of the Faculty of Law at University of Delhi. He is also an alumnus of the prestigious NLUO & MNLU. Regarded as a brilliant Law & Policy Expert.

Our team

Maanish Choudhary


As a part of the legal fraternity, I have always found this void present where you have to read the whole judgement to check for its relevance and briefCASED tries to fill this void.

Yogun Gaur


We at briefCASED try to provide you with the guidance that I always craved for while researching the legal topics and especially landmark judgements.

Bhoomika Babbar


While briefCASED is a youth friendly startup for those who aim high, being a part of it has raised my potential in managerial and decision making skills. We as a team make it happen at briefCASED!

Akanksha Gandhi

head of operations

We at briefcased, are committed to bring all its fellow companions of the legal fraternity with a one stop solution for all their research needs by providing precise and reliable case briefs. Whether you are an academician, a student or a professional, we’ve got you covered.

Madhav Anand


Huge length of judgments can scare away students even before they sit down to read and briefCASED is a simple solution to this problem. The experience at briefCASED is full of opportunities and the experience is that of constant learning as well as help others learn.

Digvijay Singh


In the ever-altering world of law, case laws are the mainstay. briefCASED offers unlimited requests for case briefs for FREE! and with our 24×7 available online support we provide solutions and assistance to every legal eagle out there.

Madhur Duggal


BriefCASED is full of opportunity for the legal fraternity that helps people by reducing their fright for the judgments, it’s a platform which aims high and gave me a potential of decisions making skills.