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The Briefcased Story

briefCASED was started as a small initiative to solve a problem faced by almost everyone whether it be law students, lawyers or public in general.

The Problem: Complex Judgments

The Solution: Judgments briefs

Seems simple right? But the most difficult problems are often those which have simplest solutions. As Judgments passed by the Judiciary form a part of the law of the land, it is with utmost precision that a brief at briefCASED is made.

What’s unique about briefCASED is that we provide a brief of any Indian Judgment within 24 hours. We have a vast database of the most important Judgments passed by the judiciary as well as we constantly update this database so that it can be useful to as many users as possible.

Our Vision

The core functions of briefCASED can be broadly divided in two segments: educational platform and service platform. While the former is done with the idea to encourage legal awareness and proficiency among individuals the latter is being done to provide remote professional services that can be accessed by anyone and everyone. Our main service being providing various kinds of services related to case briefs and research. These services can vary from client to client and depending upon the type of client the service may be charged or free.

We have over 500 judgment briefs currently uploaded on our website that can be accessed by our users absolutely for free. The users can additionally request a brief of any judgment to which we cater to within 24 hours, which is our USP.

We encourage our audience to suggest cases they would like us to summarize, to help grow this resource. We are primarily focusing on the Indian case laws for the present period but with further support, we’ll cover all the international spheres of law which are not accessible to the common people. We hope at some stage to expand our database to include other common law countries

The Team

Maanish Choudhary


Yogun Gaur


Akanksha Gandhi

Head of Operations

Madhur Duggal


Madhav Anand

Managing Head

Digvijay Singh

Marketing/Website Designer