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With Briefcased, you will be able to avail the various opportunities like Research projects, discussions etc. presented by Team Briefcased.

Landmark Judgements

State Of Haryana V/s. Ram Mehar And Others Etc.

State of Haryana Vs Raja Ram

Quippo Construction Equipment Limited V/s Janardan Nirman Pvt. Limited

Ram Chander & Ors. Vs State of Haryana

Ram Nandan vs State

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

The core functions of briefCASED can be broadly divided in two segments: educational
platform and service platform. While the former is done with the idea to encourage legal
awareness and proficiency among individuals the latter is being done to provide remote
professional services like Case Briefs that can be accessed by anyone and everyone.

The briefs are regularly updated on our website which widely covers landmark judgements from Supreme Court various High Court. Even if you don’t find a brief you can request it from the request a brief section.

The briefs are made with professional precision after going through levels of review and uploaded on the website only after proofing by legal experts. 

You can simply request it by going on the request a brief page and fill up the form.

Although it depends on the length of the case but we try to provide it within 24 hours.

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Swati Kishore Lawyer

I got my case analysis within 24 hours, you guys are a saviour. thanks❤️ would recommend this site to everyone.

Rishabh Manchanda Law Student

Case Analysis is done very perfectly and very helpful for me.

Ritika Rawat

You are a life saver!!

Dhruv Gulyani Law Student

You're doing great work guys. Hope you'll achieve great heights soon. All the best👍🏻🌺

Karan Sharma Lawyer

I requested 4-5 cases and ended up getting their briefs within 2 days every time. I am very grateful for your help and wish you the best. Just try including the citations if possible. Thank you.

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